About Us

Zhen Robotics was established on July 6th, 2016. Zhen Robotics is the fist self-driving delivery robot company in China that focused on last mile logistics and also is the leader in the field of self-driving delivery robot in China. Zhen Robotics was founded by top machine learning and robotics scientist from ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, Tsinghua Univeristy and Alibaba. Zhen Robotics had completed three rounds of financial raising from leading venture capital and listed companies. The team features world-leading R&D capabilities to develop a complete system consisting of machine learning, computer vision, autonomous localization, navigation, and electronic system. Zhen Robotics has completed the development of the fourth generations of products, and has a product matrix for instant delivery, express delivery and warehouse delivery, and it has 30+ leading customers. Furthermore, the distribution interruption rate is less than one in a thousand. In addition, our team has 50+ employee, with core members consisting of masters and doctorate graduates from famous international universities and domestic top-ranking universities. Most of them have experiences in winning awards in robotics competitions or publishing top academic papers.

Core Values

Customer First      Team Work      Embrace Changes

Integrity First      Passion      Value Reasults


Justin Liu


Justin Liu, founder of ZhenRobotics, tech specialist in Artificial Intelligence, young leader in China robotics community. He was PhD candidate in ETH, MBA student in Tsinghua University, also has research experience in Imperial College. His Research Interest is Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.