the era of mobile robot is comming

ZhenRobotics is committed to empowering the industry with autonomous mobile robot. It has a product matrix including RoboWhale - commercial cleaning robot, RoboPony - self-driving delivery robot, RoboBat - mobile fever screening patrol robot,. We provide robotic solution for the supplement of delivery man, cleaner and security staff to construct smart, sustainable and resilient cities. sustainable and resilient cities.


RoboWhale mini

commercial floor cleaning robot

RoboPony mini

self-driving delivery robot

RoboBat Mini

mobile fever screening patrol robot


We are committed to empowering all industries with leading mobile robot technology, continuously improving people's lives and leading human progress.

user friendly

intuitive user friendly experience


dynamically avoid around obstacles


with true productivity increase

full time

single charge enable 16 hours operation

500000 +

km operation

70 +


L 4


40000 +

working hours


Automatic walking movement

Robot automatic real-time composition positioning and navigation, centimeter level error.

Autonomous identification environment

Deep learning technology identifies pedestrians and dangerous objects to avoid obstacles safely.

Multiple single concurrent scheduling

Data combination on and off the line, machine learning model control and scheduling.

Flexible in-situ steering

Six-wheel shock absorption drive, smooth crossing and 360-degree in-situ steering.

Waterproof, dustproof and heat preservation

Waterproof design ensures that the product is resistant to soaking, and built-in independent temperature control system.

Real-time alarm tracking

Built-in alarm system and tracking system ensure that machines are recalled on demand.

5G video surveillance

Access 5G network to realize real-time video return and real-time analysis.

Self-returning for charging

Electricity quantity is lower than the limit, automatic return charging.

User friendly interaction

A variety of friendly interaction methods, with personalized background music.

Compatible disc brush and roller brush

brush easily be changed with no hassle

Intelligent video analysis

Deep neural network to realize face recognition and behavior analysis.

Indoor and outdoor compatibility

At the same time have indoor and outdoor mobility, seamless connection.



Honorary Award

Zhongguancun gold seed engineering enterprise
Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprise
Tsinghua University X-lab star of the year
Second place in the president's Cup final of Tsinghua University
Commercial cleaning robot - Tsinghua University FCIC
National high tech enterprise

The third place of top ten entrepreneurial teams of Tsinghua University
Tsinghua MIT entrepreneurship strategy course case company
Tsinghua University Innovation + annual entrepreneurial team
The most potential enterprise of the year
Second place in Zhongguancun International Frontier Science and technology innovation competition

The second place in the artificial intelligence industry of the black horse competition
Venture World Cup: the most worthy investment value award in the world
Gold medal of China business world cup
LT China logistics technology award innovative product award
Global Youth Innovation Conference: influential Youth Innovation leaders in 2019

Investment institution

At present, ZhenRobotics completed round a financing, and has accumulated tens of millions of yuan of investment from A-share listed companies, domestic famous investment institutions, Silicon Valley famous incubators and famous universities.